Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo + Patch for Add 34 Teams

PES 2012 BOX
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo + Patch Add 34 Teams | 1.42 GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Who is not knowWho me? with these soccer simulation game. though these still in the demonstration and that the complete version will come out the end 2011. would anyone want to try it? if you wanted to try please download via the link below, with 34 ​​teams has been the unlocked patch. Enjoy Raised Eyebrow.
System Requirements for who ever get to play PES 2011 with High Texture can certainly play PES 2012.
- SP3 of Windows XP or the newest (most new Windows)
- Graphics Card steady
- At least its 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB recommended
- 8 GB for data storage
- Sound Card DirectX 9 support.


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